Jeevoday College of Special Education (MR)(D.Ed Spl. Edu. (IDD) was began in the year 2009, with the objective of giving quality training to individuals who are interested in rendering their loving and dedicated service in the field of special education (teaching students with intellectually challenged and having associated problems). The most important objective of the Jeevoday is to provide training and develop skills in individuals who work with children with Intellectual and associated disabilities.

At present, Jeevoday College offers a two-year Diploma in Special Education in Intellectual Disability and Associated Disabilities. It is a full-time course. The course is recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). All individuals who complete this course should get themselves registered with RCI, which maintains a register of professionals working in the field of rehabilitation of persons with intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disorders. The graduates of this program are known to work as Special Educators in Special schools, as Remedial / Resource Teachers in other schools, as shadow teachers, and as teachers in primary schools.

Jeevoday Teacher’s training are based on the following principles

1. Provide training that allows an understanding of intellectual Disability and Developmental Disorders and conduct an educational assessment.

2. Generate and integrate an understanding of pedagogical approaches, human growth, development, and the challenges of learning and motivation.

3. Provide training on various concepts, principles, approaches, and skills of curriculum planning.

4. Formulate instructional and classroom management strategies, behavior management techniques, and appropriate procedures for teaching curricular, co-curricular, and pre-vocational skills.

5. Encompass activities in the classroom to develop speech and language skills, and motor and sensory skills through different pedagogical exercises and programs.

6. Offer provision and learning opportunities for families and associated members of society to participate in the overall education of individuals with intellectual challenges.

For more information about the course:

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For Notices & Circular of RCI & NIEPMD:

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